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Suddenly that Summer by Jon Kent

Once in a while, you encounter a story that leaves a deep impression in your mind. These stories cherish the beauty of words, bringing you characters and plots you can never forget. Such story is a 10,000-word tale, ''Suddenly That Summer'' by Jon Kent.

''Sexual encounters involving young people happen. Only hypocrites will deny that reality'', thus the author introduces his story. A naive 12-year old is attracted to a beautiful 14-year old boy, who happens to be the son of his mother's employer. Over the summer, he explores his conflicting emotions for the boy and gradually realises a secret that would shatter his innocent. This tale explores the pain of secrets and revelations and how they can affect a young mind. The last three sentences of the story are a powerful conclusion to this wonderful and beautifully written tale.

The site seldom reviews short stories. After all, you can really immerse yourself in a very good full-length novel (the likes of Dom Luka comes to mind). The proliferation of gay short stories in the internet, which feature senseless sex or no 'plots' whatsover, made me indifferent to the medium. 

A good short story, should be concise, have great characterization, a single storyline that follows a logical plot and of course, great dialogue. By this account, Suddenly That Summer is a roaring success.

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Tristan's Redemption by Nicholas Nurse

Sometimes I read a story and enjoy it so much that I immediately look for more by the same author.  In this case, I was disappointed to find myself unable to find more.  

Nicholas Nurse has written a wonderful, perceptive and emotional story about 17 year old Tristan, a boy certainly in need of redemption.  A boy who sees himself as above the folly of others.  He is gay and takes the decision to come out to his best friend of many years, but it does not go as he hoped and life suddenly starts to erode the foundations that Tristan has build his persona on.

I loved the range of characters in this story, from the adoring and adorable Jared, the hurt and brave Julian, the quirky Sara, and the seemingly less than adorable Seth.  Each one has an important role in the story and a voice that brings meaning to it.

The story builds to a dramatic conclusion.

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Night Out

From J13 - I find this image making me sad.


Canterbury Tales by FreeThinker

This delightful collection of stories clearly shows FreeThinker's gift for creating memorable characters and conveying mood. Each of the stories can be read individually, but all are somewhat connected to Canterbury College, a nonexistant college inspired, the author tells us, by actual schools.

In the 'Refugee's tale', a 17-year old has run away from home. Will he find love in a new place with the one who sheltered him? The second story, 'Acolyte's Tale', tells about a guilt-ridden teenager who befriends a British teen who has come to America. Will love prevail over their cultural differences and homophobia in their town? The moving third tale, 'The Poet's Tale', is about a teenager who is constantly abused by his family, and will likely bring tears to your eyes. Unlike the previous two stories, this tale is quite dark. The final story, 'Outsider's Tale', serve as the conclusion, bringing back the main characters of the first story. Jealousy and lust will test the love between the characters. Will their pure love survive them?

Some of the previous characters have a cameo in the next stories, further strengthening this as a continuos narrative like the Decameron. Each of the stories has its own merit and appeal. It's like serving various foods, all of them delicious.

Highly recommended for a quick fun read.

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Chromatic Scale

The Other Side of Me by Dom Luka

Dom Luka is one of the best gay writers working on the internet. His stories about teen romance, teen angst and family dynamics are one of the wonders of internet gay literature.

This 15 very long chapters is an unconventional story written by Dom. There is no central romance, rather, the focus is on the character struggles. Frank Seaberg, had moved into a new town in Arkansas and he wished to be back with his former life. When he meets his neighbors, twin brothers: Oliver and David Martin, he was happy to make new friends. Oliver, has an accident and is acting very strangely, and David's brash attitude, fascinates him. But, there seems to be big problems under the Martin's roof and Frank begins to search for answers. His investigation, opens him to the family's dark secrets, and will test his patience, morals and ultimately will place his life in danger and those people he cares about.

This story evokes the atmosphere of Alfred Hitchcock's very best films and rivals the stories written by Mary Higgins Clark (or any mystery author). This novel is fast-paced, suspenseful and the great characterization is only the icing on the cake. It is a shame that this is often overlooked, compared to Dom Luka's other writings. There is a shocking twist in the end. Not one to be missed.

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I read as much as I can, but sometimes there just aren't enough hours in the day or days in the week.

Jp has been a regular visitor to the site almost since it started and I know he enjoys the same kinds of stories that I like and that I hope you like too. 

It seemed a good idea to bring these two things together and ask Jp if he would like to submit some "guest" reviews for the site, and I'm delighted that he has said yes, so without further ado ...

Looking Up

(In)visible by Anyta Sunday

This is a quirky tale that begins with thirteen year old Scott meeting the older Rune.  Rune is a normal boy in many respects, but in one respect he is not, he is invisible.

Now Nifty has a heap of stories about invisible boys and the fun they have, but this story is nothing like that.  Runes invisibility is a curse, and as the story progresses we find out just how much of a curse it is.  Anyta's writing is good and evocative.  The story is told from the alternating boy's points of view which in Anyta's hands work successfully.

It's a lovely story, interesting and surprising.

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